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Malady and Sandy

Raining one more night

Posted on 2011.03.25 at 00:00
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It is almost midnight and the rain has just started. The sound outside reminds me of wet footsteps that dance to the movement of the cars, desperate to wind their bodies in to the driveway for a quick get away!

I love the rain. Watching another Netflix bomb, I opened the window to hear the rain better. Nothing better than to sleep with this sound, so soothing,,,so inviting...

Yes, my dogs are here next to me sleeping away their day with fantastic dreams. I can see Mangy Bear's paws twitching at an invisible rabbit while Mickey Doodle Dinosaur Head (her full name) cannot go to sleep unless her bed is properly pushed up against my canopy bed!

My room is decorated like a set from an Edgar Allen Poe story. It is small with antique furnishings and two lamps with multi-colored bulbs that give a stained glass effect. The carpet has a blue floral pattern that blends with the over sized glider sofa chair of a similar drab blend. I feel very comfortable here, liking that the only modern item in here is the computer and my cell phone I never answer.

After watching my Netflix dud, I decided to log on here and just write. It is therapy, hoping I can conger some ideas for my writing project. I feel I can be more creative at night with no one to bother me...no errands...no dinner...no vacuuming..god, I sound like a Gibson chick!

Cool, it is coming down now. Weather jerks say it will continue through Saturday. California will soon be like Seattle with all the rain we are having! My flowers love it; you should see the garden with their blooms already! Check out my greeninsh black thumb!

Mangy Bear shifted her weight and is slowly sliding off the bed...Her tail is hovering like a propeller..almost..almost..Nope, she woke up just in time and jumped to higher ground. Mickey opened one eye and is back to sleep...What a life! I want to come back as a pampered pooch or cat..not a fish, unless I am in a school and can learn something from a feeder! Okay, I am getting sleepy, time to read and fall into that deep oblivion! Goodnight and happy Friday!

Malady and Sandy


Posted on 2011.03.22 at 20:14
Current Mood: chipperchipper
It is a very cold night and the rain is about to hit us once again. I am busy painting my garage a redish deep purple so I can paint away with my Sirius radio and three dogs snoring close by.

I have a candle burning and the smell reminds me of an apple pie being slowly burned alive...I need another cup of apple cider!

Just read in Rolling Stone that Howard Stern will make 80 million a year for the next 5 years! Wow, thjat is incredible. Talk about success...400 million for laughing at other people- I love it!

Anyone watching Ru Paul's Drag Race out there?! Love the wigs and makeup, looks like Malady could use some fashion tips from these hot dragsters.

Okay, time to put on a sweater and paint!

This is my sister on a photo shot we did! She is too cute!

Malady and Sandy

Check this out!

Posted on 2011.03.21 at 22:09
It has been...how many years since I have been on this?! At least three...Wow! I just found it again and thought how fun it would be to add this to my site. I tell you, I must have had  six websites by now and this has stayed the same...Time goes by crazy fast!

Anyhow, who am I writing to out there? Looking at my friends list and see Coffin it up ( HI DUSTY!!!) and sadly my friend Phoenix who passed away almost two years ago...When I moved out to the desert I moved ten minutes from him but only saw him twice the whole time I was there...he was always going to the doctor...well, now he is free and I love you Danny!!!

Great end to a wonderful night! Good night and much love!

P.S that is Sandy up top who left us too early. She was the Vampire Queen at Knott's Berry Farm, a scenic painter, and a loving friend/ sister. Jeez this pat year I lost a grip of great people but I know they are smiling right now and waiting for me to finish my warm cider on the desk! I toast to all of you!!!

Malady and Sandy

Join me at Fango Con in April, 2008!

Posted on 2008.03.13 at 21:16
On April 25-27 at the LA Convention Center. Tons of great guests including Clive Barker, Psycho movie reunion and zombies galore! I will have a table there and will be dressed to kill! Just look at my wig and you will say WOW!


Malady and Sandy

Sugar Skull crosses at House of Blues!

Posted on 2008.03.13 at 21:08
Howdee there! Now at all 11 locations you can see the sugar skull crosses! In two weeks, two locations (Downtown Disney and Florida) will be the first to sell Day of the Dead style paintings. Have fun at a concert and when you are tipsy buy some art! Wow!

Downtown Disney location on 20th of March!

Crosses come in two sizes with a variety of designs! Wee!

Malady and Sandy

hello there!

Posted on 2008.01.04 at 17:54
  Well, well, it looks like this site is going to go under some major construction and WOW it is going to look fangtastic! It will take about 5 months, but slowly the pages will turn into a delicious delight of horrible fun! I can't wait for you to see it-Yep, wow.  
  I am sipping on a Hawaiian Punch with watermelon vodka while I am listening to the rain outside..We are in for a whopper of a weekend, so stay inside, order in and watch some terribly bad movies that you would never go in to a theater to see. I saw a movie last night with a woman who talked like a chain smoking drag queen and thought...hmmm...Hollywood Video really releases just about anything! There is hope for us all!
Have a great weekend and much success to you in '08! I am going to finish my drink now.....

Malady and Sandy

Link to Book!

Posted on 2007.11.04 at 21:32

Here it is folks! 

Malady and Sandy

book release in october!

Posted on 2007.09.05 at 19:40
Hello there! I have been busy creating and finishing my first of several books based on my characters and the release will be at Night Gallery Ceramics in Santa Ana, Ca!

What is it about? Hmm...It begins with a brief history of these furry rabbits in Egyptian times and lands smack in Colonial America where they are faced with skeletal carousel horses and mummified zombies out for a warm snack!
Finally I am given the chance to introduce key characters and explain the complicated and finely detailed world of Ka-lown Ka-ffins...

I will also have on display two new pieces pertaining to the book and many a print to make you smile!


Night Gallery Ceramics

201 N. Main St.

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Night Gallery’s Annual Day of the Dead Show series

Eric Pigors, Krys Sapp, Evil Paul, Aunia Kahn, Rochelle Phister, Ashley Laurence, Lisa Bethan, Bill McEvoy, Christopher Perrin, Crab Scrambly, and Gris Grimly.

The receptions for the show will be Saturday, October 6th, Saturday, November 3rd, and Saturday, December 1st from 7-10pm. The October show tends to run until midnight.

Dave Bats from Release the Bats will D. J. Hors d’oeurves and wine will be served.

Parking structure across the street on 3rd and Main. Many galleries will also be open and there are some tasty restaurants to try! Come in costume so we can laugh!!!!

*After the show, I will email the links for book purchase.
Thanks and can't wait to see you!

Malady and Sandy

Prints are here!

Posted on 2007.08.23 at 15:20
I have several prints up for your viewing! Take a look and if you would like to see a specific size, let me know!

Malady and Sandy

hello there!

Posted on 2007.08.21 at 22:56
Yep, it has been a long time since I have been on the internet! I finally got some decent internet service and am now catching up on all my surroundings...

Ebay is starting up again, I will have a new papyrus piece up tomorrow night (ID is anubistherabbit) and am excited to try a new medium. Papyrus is smooth to paint on and captures the colors amazingly...I am very happy to include in my portfolio of sorts.

The book is coming along..Another two weeks and it should be ready for the final touches. It is a short book at 340 pages with illustrations describing the beginnings of my distorted world of Egyptian zombies and ill-tempered bunnies! The cover will be the Colonial Bats pic with some fun added bliss.

In October, I will have a freak premiere at Night Gallery Ceramics, which will be the first Saturday of October. Gallery is located in Santa Ana, Ca. Afterwards, I will spread the Word to other places and begin a trail of tears to other souls wishing to spend their hard earned money on a Bazooka spree..

Other than that, my sis just finished her course to become a prison guard at a Arizona state prison! Wow, what a career change that is...hope she can take pics!

The website will have some added music in a few weeks and we are slowly getting back on track with making it a priority. It will change its face and morph into a super psycho fun fest with animation and terrible video!

Also, the site will have a new link that will take you to the Ka-lown Ka-ffin book site, describing each character and land that they come from. I have enough material to fill 6+ books, so it will become its own site in good time with an interactive map...yep, lots of work ahead!

Okay, so I guessed I have bored you enough with my empty ambition! Hope the weather is not too wilty for your Panteen heads! Drink lots of water and stay inside with a bucket of vodka chilled ice..

Talk soon!

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